Vehicle Tracking

  • TrackBee is a high accuracy, high performance GPS vehicle tracking and control device.
  • TrackBee allows you to monitor and control your vehicle 24/7 from anywhere using computer, SMS, e-mail or smartphone.
  • You can track your vehicle in real-time using high-resolution Google Maps.
  • With TrackBee, you can track multiple vehicles simultaneously and group them into fleets for easy management.
how to track vehicle route and location

Real Time GPS Tracking

  • Monitor your vehicle 24/7 using Google Maps.
  • Play back the history of vehicle activity for any day.
  • Receive alerts when suspicious activity occurs and disable your vehicle remotely.
  • Generate reports of your vehicle activity.
  • Optimize your vehicle or fleet of vehicles for efficient utilization.

Theft Protection

  • TrackBee comes with a variety of systems to alert you if your vehicle gets stolen.
  • If you park your car in a theft-prone area, you can set up an alert to notify you when the car moves.
  • TrackBee also calls you so you can hear activity inside the vehicles.
  • In case of theft, you can disable the vehicle using SMS after which the vehicle cannot be started again until you send an authorization SMS.

Reports and History

  • TrackBee provides you reports telling the distance traveled, stoppage time, approximate fuel consumption, routes taken, trip-wise summary, driver statistics, and more.
  • You can view this information for any vehicle or in aggregate for a whole fleet.

Vehicle History

  • TrackBee provides full historic records of vehicle movement.
  • The path taken by the vehicle, speed of the vehicle, when and where the vehicle stopped and for how long – you can view all this information for any time during the past six months, and the route of the vehicle can be played back on Google Maps.


  • Using the geo-fencing option provided by TrackBee, you can draw boundaries over the map to create a geo-fence.
  • You will get an alert whenever the vehicle crosses the geo-fence boundaries.
  • Using the fuel-cut off feature, it is possible to stop the vehicle from anywhere using cell phone or e-mail.

Other Alerts

  • You can also configure TrackBee to provide you SMS and email alerts under various conditions.
  • For example, you can get alerts if the vehicle exceeds a speed limit set by you.
  • Get alerts if it travels more than the distance allowed by you and many more.